There was a time, not too long ago, when digital video files were so large and cumbersome – and handling them required so much space and CPU resources – that they were used infrequently, and by operations with resources vast enough to integrate them into websites or marketing plans.

Those days are long gone. In today’s internet landscape, video has an ever-increasing presence. It is quickly becoming the default medium of internet marketing, branding, and awareness-raising campaigns.

Video is becoming, by far, the most powerful tool available in the internet brand-management space. There’s no better way for a company or brand to illustrate its product, mission, story, or “personality.” Additionally, from the consumer end, video is more accessible, concise, and memorable than text, or any other format, for that matter.

Video and Internet Presence

According to tech giant Cisco, by 2019, video will comprise a full 80% of all internet traffic. And why not? Now that space and CPU limitations are no longer holding it back, there’s no limit to the potential uses of online video.

Social media provides a snapshot of this phenomenon to those of us who don’t necessarily keep a finger on the pulse of digital marketing or branding trends. Facebook has 2 billion active users per month and they will have seen that more and more video is appearing in news-feeds. There’s no reason to expect that trend to slow or reverse. In fact, social media platform users are favoring video more than ever before. We don’t often hear of PDFs “going viral.”

Video in Marketing and Branding

It’s fairly intuitive that video would be the preferred medium for marketers and brand-awareness consultants.

Retention is a big component of the power of video. While consumers retain roughly 10% of what they read in text format, that figure jumps to a whopping 95% for video. Armed with that knowledge, it doesn’t take a marketing degree to know where to best put your resources.

Ease of sharing is another big factor in why video is as effective as it is. We see this beyond any doubt, again as an indicator, in our social media news feeds. Millions of videos are posted to these sites every day. Not only that, but 92% of mobile video consumers say they’ve shared video with others, most frequently via social media, and 70% of consumers say they’ve shared brand videos with their social networks.

Video and Marketing

So if there was any lingering doubt about why video is so effective in marketing and branding, let’s take a look at some more figures from the business side of the equation.

We’ve looked at how people stay more engaged when they are viewing video, but to quantify that, Forbes says that the average user spends 88% more time on sites where video content is accessible. That probably has something to do with the higher retention rate, but more importantly illustrates the higher level of engagement.

Digital marketing firms are adapting their strategies as of the potency of video in this space has become impossible to miss. Considering the statistics, it starts to appear foolish not to integrate video into just about any marketing plan.

When shopping online or comparing products side-by-side, we’ve all had our imaginations, and our purchase-power, captured by brand or product video. In fact, 52% of consumers say that the ability to watch a video of a product they are considering purchasing instills confidence in that product.

And almost three out of four businesses say that adding video to their product marketing strategies improved their conversion rates. According to another survey, 81% of businesses said that video marketing boosted sales. But sales are only part of the picture. That same survey showed that 53% of businesses saw a decrease in the support calls they were receiving. This creates a two-fold benefit. When sales are increased, and customers are better informed, that’s a double-win.

For any business looking at easily and effectively driving additional sales of its goods or services, the potential of video to generate positive impact on the bottom line is only just beginning to be realized. Using video is the ideal way to improve brand awareness and brand engagement.

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