The adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” has been confirmed and updated.  According to Santa Monica California-based Forrester Research’s Dr. James McQuivey, “a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.” And it seems that we process visual information 60,000 times faster than words.
No wonder visually-based storytelling now rules. Content-based video storytelling puts millions of pictures into our heads on a daily basis. Our brains spring into action, making connections that turn into decisions about a host of things from what to buy to who to love and how to live.

Telling People Who You Are

In the world of making videos, you should be:

  • telling people about your products
  • being intentional
  • being consistent with your messages
  • engaging with how people are reacting.

With storytelling techniques, you won’t make people guess at what matters. It will all be there in a digestible, natural structure.

What makes a story compelling?

A good story engages people.

Sharing testimonials, tips and best practices, and even a celebrity endorsement can fall short if it doesn’t engage.

To be a storyteller, you need to know what you want to say to your audience and speak on their level without being afraid.

Have fun, be bold, tell the truth.

Remember when Samsung was synonymous with phones exploding, executives being arrested, and sales tanking? The story told by the new people in charge cost them billions of dollars and a lot of brand equity, but they did the right thing in a very public way by apologizing to their customers and the world at large. Then they launched the Samsung8 and found themselves back on track.

The take away from the Samsung story is that trying to hide things in today’s world is virtually impossible. Samsung showed the world that they could be trusted to step up and take responsibility. Tim Baxter’s video apology among other Samsung videos, combined with coming up with something better, went a long way to telling a compelling story and regaining their market share.

How to Tell a Good Story

Storytelling is how information has been passed from generation to generation since our beginnings. Storytelling has included visual pictures on cave walls and stories told by word of mouth long before we had the means to print words.

Storytelling is all about taking people on a journey. Show who you are and how your personality – artistic, cool, offbeat, quirky, weird, crude, smooth – fits with your brand.

Most importantly, be yourself. As Oscar Wilde said, “everyone else is taken.” When telling a video-based story, have fun, relax, and tell the true story. Companies who give us a genuine sense of who they are help us to connect with them.

Storytelling and Tide

In 2014, Dick’s Sporting Goods had a great holiday ad created for them entitled “Hoops.” It was one of the best ads of the year, according to USA Today, who noted that they were all strong storytellers.

The music is pitch perfect, the set-up is great, and the subtlety is heart-wrenching. In a few moments, it shows the life of a young girl becoming a young woman. The seasons capture her changing life and the changes brought to her family as well.

The story captures the enduring nature of love, the importance of key moments, and aligns the brand with ideas of longevity and significant life experiences.

Go for Production Values

When you are developing your video storytelling skills, always go for good production values. There may be some people who will respond to a video that looks like it was shot inside a coffin, but if you are looking for high-quality traffic, go for good production values that help your story rather than get in the way.

Poor quality videos can and do go viral, but there is still the question of the lasting impression a video creates regarding your brand. If your video goes viral, do you want people to see your brand looking great or looking meh?

Telling a good story means not bombarding people with information they don’t need. Getting a lot of information across in a concise way without having your viewers switch off means quickly showing benefits of whatever it is you are promoting and why you do it.

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