Whether it be an Office Building, Industrial, Medical, Hospitality, or Land, CRE Productions has all the tools required to tell your story.  It's one thing having the technology at your fingertips but another understanding how to put that technology to work.  That comes with years of experience.  CRE Productions offers an array of services ranging from Aerial Videography & Photography, Ground Photography, Advanced Motion Graphics, and Google Earth Studio custom flight paths with tracking graphics.

Our Services

Drone Videography & Photography

A Competitive Market requires a creative marketing strategy.  We don't just film properties we tell stories through dynamic cinematography.

Post Production & Editing Services

A competitive market requires a creative marketing strategy. We don’t just film properties, we tell stories through dynamic cinematography.

Stablized Ground Videography

There's nothing worse then watching shaky footage.  We use state of the art 3 axis stabilizers for all our 4k cameras.  We also walk like ningas which helps.

Advanced Tracking Motion Graphics

Without a solid Post Production team you have nothing. Digipulse handles all editing, custom music, visual effects, and more in house.

Google Earth & Tracking Graphics

CRE Productions takes Google Earth to another level by adding in dynamic 3D tracking graphics to call out Commercial Real Estate Surrounding area.

360° Interactive Drone Panoramic

We thrive on lifestyle productions. Keeping it natural and organic. Letting the story unfold as it would in real life situations.

Aerial & Ground Photography


Property Address

Provide your property address so we can check it out on google earth as well as determine if there are any drone flight restrictions in the area.

Scope of Work

There are several options when it comes to scope of work.  Interior stabilized ground work, exterior ground and drone, custom graphics, and google earth fly in.


We'll provide a detailed proposal outlining the scope of work, cost, turn around time, and any other details related to the delivery of the final production.

Shoot Date Set

Pending weather we'll set up a shoot date to come out and capture all footage.  Details related to specific shot requests provided by client before hand.  On-site contact info provided.


First Draft Sent

An initial draft will be sent via private vimeo review link within 5 business days.  Two additional rounds of revisions allotted prior to any graphic inserts.

Graphics and Final

Provided graphic requests designed and tracked into production within 3 business days.  Two rounds of revisions allotted.  Final streaming and downloadable production delivered.