Online video has been gaining huge momentum in recent years, and it’s quickly becoming the default media for brand messaging, raising awareness or educating an audience, promoting goods and services, and so on. It’s becoming more critical to every business in every sector to understand how to use this highly effective tool to boost business and presence in the online space.

When times are lean for a business, the marketing budget is often first on the chopping block. In fact, these are the times when effective marketing is most needed. Your marketing can be the difference between survival and insolvency when revenue streams are down.

Effective marketing is the engine of sales revenue, and the life-force of a company. So even when it seems like a stretch, that might be just the time to double down on marketing initiatives that are most productive.

Here’s why a professionally-crafted video is critical to any marketing plan.


A respectable videography firm will have the ability to create top-quality video that will wow your audience. That’s the whole reason for engaging our services. We do this efficiently by having a team already assembled that works well together, in a cohesive manner.

Experience helps us understand how to tailor projects to a specific industry, and we can also read between the lines as far as adapting to needs, goals, and values.

By working directly with us, you know that we will be making every effort to create the best finished product because our name and reputation are attached to it. We have skin in the game in a way that a rag-tag freelance team or in-house staffer simply does not. A solid business-to-business connection also lends credibility to your company.

Using an in-house staffer to produce your online video also might put him or her in a position of wearing too many hats. As a result, regular duties and responsibilities may be compromised, as may the quality of the finished video. Although this person may be a skilled hobby videographer, he or she may not fully understand the videography process or needs in a professional context.

Managing a freelance team can be difficult, frustrating, and time-consuming. If you become the de-facto director, that’s going to be a major consumer of your own time and energy.


People sometimes pass up the option of hiring a professional video production agency because of perceived cost, but trying to save money by producing in-house can end up being significantly more expensive in the long run. Unexpected obstacles, learning curves, and inexperienced team members can drive up production costs. And if your ROI suffers due to poor quality, that can be an even bigger hit to the bottom line on the back end.

A professional videography company has all the necessary equipment, and experienced staff in place to use it correctly. They will be able to handle the post-production process, too. This means that all costs are represented up-front, and you won’t have unexpected expenses like upgrading in-house equipment or paying someone to learn how to use it.

Buying video gear in-house is a poor investment of company resources because it’s used infrequently and better equipment is always coming out. Also, the probability is low that anyone on staff knows how to properly use it. This will continue to be the case as staff turns over and equipment ages and becomes antiquated


Equipment is not the only thing that is continually changing. Best practices in videography are also dynamic, as are those of the general marketing landscape.

Part of a video production agency’s service is to understand and deploy the most effective and current techniques for pushing the right emotional buttons of your viewer. Staying up on these trends is another component of the whole package that an agency brings to the table.

This applies to the higher-altitude view of brand messaging as well, and how to deliver that message across multiple online or social media platforms. Having a fresh set of eyes assessing your greater marketing plan as part of a video production service package may also give you new ideas and perspective on how to tweak your overall strategy.


Creating video is important, but preparing it for delivery on the web is equally critical to creating the desired effect. This is where sub-optimal results often occur. Video can be polished to perfection, but if it’s not presented properly, all that effort can be hugely diminished.

Complexities like low-quality thumbnail images, unstable streaming, unwanted pop-ups or ads, or auto-audio that begins before playback must be dealt with properly, or the results can undo your entire effort.

Codecs enable the viewer to watch the video optimally, given their browser, bandwidth availability, and plug-ins. Not optimizing these can make attempts to stream your video frustrating for the consumer, and ultimately be counterproductive to all the time, money, and effort you put into the video during the creation phase.

Hiring a professional takes all of this minutia off your plate, and lets you keep your focus where it belongs: running your business. Invest in professional video services to show your products or services in the best light, targeted to your ideal audience. To learn more about how we ca help with professional video, get in touch at 949-233-0613 or