We specialize in Commercial Real Estate Video Production & Photography.

CRE Productions knows the importance of understanding the specific market in which one services.  That's why we took our background in film and chose to exclusively focus on the Commercial Real Estate production space.

When your car needs to be serviced you take it to a car mechanic. When you need a Video Production or Photography within the CRE World you call CRE Productions.

We understand how to take your Commercial Real Estate project and tell a story that captivates, engages, and ultimately impacts decision making.


Film Industry Experience

We have decades of experience in the Film Industry and the Commercial Real Estate space.



There's a big difference between a Videographer and a Cinematographer.



You name it we got it.  All the latest in Drone and Stabilized Ground Camera Technology.


FAA Certified & Insured

When you hire us rest assured everything we do is above board and legal within FAA rules and regulations.  From 107 Certifications and production specific insurance everything is covered.

Trusted by the Largest Commercial Real Estate Companies and Brokers in the Country

Service Offerings

Drone Cinematography & Photography

We don't just fly drones we tell stories in the air.  Through thousands of hours of flight time our dynamic flight paths have evolved.

Stabilized 4k Ground Camera Work

A stabilizer is just the beginning.  Learning how to walk like a ninga is really what gives the effect that the camera is floating.

Ground Photography

It's all about lighting, angles, vision, and understanding how to manipulate your camera settings to achieve your goal.

Hollywood Style Post Production

Capturing good content is one thing.  Having the expertise to put it all together in an impactful way is a completely different story.

Advanced Tracking Motion Graphics

This is really what takes our productions to the next level.  An art form perfected through years of experience.

Google Earth Studio Custom Flight Paths

Sometimes you just want a more complete visual from a much higher perspective.

Fast Turnarounds

Time is money and we respect that.  2 week turnarounds or less is our norm.

Nationwide Services

We service the entire country from California to New York and everything in between.

Got some questions? Send us a note.

Feel free to fill out a simple inquiry or give us a call.  We actually pick up our phones.