It is important that shots sometimes information beyond the action in the frame or a voice-over performing a script. One of the great benefits of video is its immediacy. The viewer will pick up many impressions and cues from just a few seconds of video.
Look at any still of a video and ask what that face is telling you, and how about the background or the general environment of the shot?

Focus & Motion

A good videographer knows that focus is a friend. Learning to rack focus is one of the keys to setting a shot and knowing what you capture will come across when it’s time to play it back.

Good videos are often full of motion, natural backgrounds, and a fluidity. By being aware of natural elements and how to use them, a videographer can take an audience on a journey, breaking them out of static boxes and into a world of the videographer’s design.

Learning how to pan and tilt or to use a dolly can be fun, but it is also fraught with trial and error for beginners. We know that it’s worth the learning curve.

Using a combination of Steadicam, drone recording, and handheld technologies, we have tremendous freedom and an ability to improvise.

Incorporating Organic Elements

Another way to maximize your video’s impact is finding creative ways to incorporate organic elements like light, water, smoke, and fire. Being “random” by nature, they offer natural movement that can compliment the structure of a video.

Lighting equipment is always at a premium and the best videographers know how to control and manipulate the natural light already in their scenes. This skill separates the professionals from the enthusiasts. Pros know how to achieve the best shots with the light that they have to work with. They do not take light for granted and are keenly aware of the different effects that lighting can produce, intentionally and otherwise!

Working with Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is light from the sun, as opposed to artificial light, such as incandescent bulbs and LEDs. Being able to work with natural lighting doesn’t mean that additional lighting tools are not necessary, but it gives professional videographers an edge.

Pro videographers can take advantage of natural light to create dynamic effects, with or without the assistance of their own external, artificial light sources.

Putting gels (neutral density) on the glass is a good way to cut brightness if you need a window in your shot but don’t want the blue that comes with it. To get proper color, all the lights should be casting the same color temperature. This takes some set up, but we have the experience to get this under control and make sure that every shot is going to work.

After everything has been gelled, it may look strange to the naked eye, but videographers who understand lighting will know to light balance a camera or cameras to make the recorded color perfect.

Reflectors are great for bouncing light around your subject. They can turn one light source into two or three. There are tricks to using reflectors. We know them! They help us create beautiful results indoors and outdoors.

Using scrims to diffuse light and create soft shadows is a great way to avoid harsh dark circles under a person’s eyes and chin. If you are shooting outdoors on a sunny day, shooting in the shade provides a similar result similar to shooting with a scrim. For the best result, we ensure that the background is in the shade too so that we do not end up with the background overexposed.

Even if a videographer team did not have access to gels, reflectors, scrims or indoor lamps, experience and knowledge of how to use natural light will come to the rescue and save any shot. For shots that don’t need rescuing, advanced technical skills will simply make your videos look better, brighter, and more engaging.

Video tools without the experience and expertise behind them are not working to their full extent. If you want the best equipment matched with the best skills and an understanding of digital marketing and storytelling, the professional route can save a lot of money and time, and deliver the best results.

At DigiPulse our videographers have all the lighting equipment they need available to them when they need it. We know how to light a scene and achieve the best possible shots with a minimum of set up time. Being experts means that we can also improvise and add new dimensions on the fly!

Videography is a very creative process. We know the technical aspects inside out, so we can focus on getting the most out of the experience and conveying your message.

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