What It Means To Be A Legal Drone 107 Certified Pilot

What It Means To Be A Legal Drone 107 Certified Pilot First off it’s illegal to fly for commercial purposes without a 107 certification. Not only can the Drone Pilot get fined or even jailed for flying without a 107 Certification while conduction paid projects so can the business hiring […]

Why Video

Medical Video Production in Orange County

There are numerous reasons to want plastic surgery, but a few desires are consistent. Clients want to work with surgeons that they trust and in whom they have confidence. One of the best ways to build trust and confidence in a business like this is through the use of authentic video and photography. Using drone technology, you can show people in your videos in their usual environment, taking in the background with a unique, eye-catching perspective.


Beach Video Production in Orange County

Beach drone video is stellar in its presentation. You see unique shots, where overhead views are spectacular, and viewers can see things they would never see while traveling over the ocean. For many marketers, drones are a dream come true.


Los Angeles Commercial Real Estate Production

The commercial real estate market has always been very competitive and occasionally struggles through difficult times. It can be a challenge to rent properties, and lease or sell commercial spaces. Now, with the use of drone technology, things are looking up. Literally.


Hotel California Video Production

Never before has there been the opportunity to produce aerial photographs and videos that are so affordable. This is the primary reason drone technology is having such an impact on the California hotel video production industry. Here are a few reasons why you should seriously consider the use of drones for your tourism business.


California Drone Photography and Videos

Just like VCR technology, at first drone technology was something very expensive. Only those well-placed could afford it. Now, it has become readily available to everyone. Let’s take a look at five ways drone photography and videos can make a massive difference to your business and your marketing.